Bruce Lee Clipper Cover

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Bruce Lee is one of the most famous martial artist of all time. He starred in The Big Boss (1971), Fist of Fury (1972), Way of the Dragon (1972), Enter the Dragon (1973), and The Game of Death (1978). Lee was known to have studied and trained in Wing Chun, Wu Tai Chi Chuan, western style boxing, fencing (Epee), Buk Pie, and Tam Toi. He developed his own style of martial arts based off of his experience from each of his years of training called Jeet Kun Do, still taught by many schools today. Bruce Lee passed away July 20, 1973 from a cerebral edema. 


This cover fits the Wahl Senior Professional 5 star clip cordless and comes with screwdriver for assembly. Material is Plastic, not wooden material. Remember to disassemble the cap from the original back cover, and install to the new cover.