Polo Shave(ing)

Polo Shave(ing)

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Ralph Lauren started The Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1967 with men's ties. He persuaded the company he was working for (Beau Brummell) to let him start his own line. It was his interest in sports that he named his first full menswear line 'Polo' in 1968.

Polo and Hip Hop Culture 

Polo, arguably became the gold sartorial standard of the privileged, and became the center of an enduring influential hip-hop subculture. Thirstin Howl (Lo Lifes crew) formed in 1988 the union of two Brooklyn boosting- shoplifting crews: Ralphie's Kids from Crown Heights and Polo USA from Brownsville. The target was almost always Polo gear. 

In 1994, Raekwon wore the Polo Snow Beach Pullover in his Wu-Tang video "Can It All be So Simple." It is known to be the oral history of Polo in hip-hop.