COVID-19 and A&A Straightrazors

As barbers and stylist head back into the shop, we offer the following considerations in order to remain compliant in your shops.

  • To keep the time between sanitizing to a minimum, we suggest every barber who uses our wave, fade and beard brushes to encourage individual single use. This means, every patron should have their own brush and/or straight razor which they bring to the shop for use on them alone. This will minimize the risk of one brush being used for a single client.
  • Time is money. For every 10-15 minutes you need to wait to disinfect a brush thoroughly can be spent taking another client who has come prepared with their own items.
  • This added service will allow your clients the security they need in your ability to keep them safe.
  • Have them purchase these goods through you! You are their expert. Offer the service of the haircut and the purchase of a fade brush together. 
  • Brand your brush with your shop logo or name. Maybe you've thought about this before; now is the perfect time. Not sure how? We can help walk you through the process.

A&A Straightrazors is a custom barber tool company. Our team are also licenced barber professionals with over 20 years of experience.