About Us

Alex Ponce

A&A Custom Straight Razors is a company that specializes in crafting barber tools and accessories using wood as our base for design.

AA Straightrazors specializes in designing custom pieces using seasonal wood as its platform. Set apart from the rest, this unique brand is committed to sourcing and manufacturing materials locally. As a result, all products are made in the USA.

Founded in Queens NY in 2013 by barber Alex Ponce, the brand started when Alex was unable to find personalized razor handles as gifts for fellow barbers. The idea quickly grew into crafting not only specialty razor handles, but brushes, picks and accessories.

AA Straightrazors has participated in a variety of affairs within the barber industry throughout the country. Sponsoring various events, barber battles, expos, judging and fundraisers, AA Straightraightrazors is dedicated to bringing awareness to this long-standing profession. Some of their past clients have been HBO and Hulu.